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Volvo Northshore by Design Engineers

Developer: Giltrap Group Property Services Ltd
Architect: Product Architecture Ltd
Contractor: Dominion Interior
Location: Wairau Valley, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

In the endeavor to establish a cutting-edge dealership and support facility for Giltrap Volvo on the North Shore, Volvo Cars North Shore emerges not only as the latest but also as the most expansive Volvo Showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. A pivotal facet of this ambitious project involved the removal of existing tenancy walls, thereby amalgamating two distinct tenancies into a singular, cohesive space. The project entailed a significant reinforcement of concrete floors to accommodate the weight and demands of vehicles and hoists. In tandem with this structural enhancement, a state-of-the-art curtain wall was meticulously installed, impeccably aligning with Volvo's corporate identity (CI) and exemplifying the brand's commitment to sophistication and innovation. Complementing these spatial transformations, the construction included the incorporation of new mezzanine offices and a lunchroom, meticulously designed to mirror the stylish and luxurious essence inherent to the Volvo brand.

In the intricate orchestration of this architectural marvel, DESIGN ENGINEERS, commissioned by LANCOM COMMERCIAL, played a pivotal role by delivering a comprehensive PS1 package service tailored specifically for the curtain wall facade. This undertaking was geared towards fortifying LANCOM COMMERCIAL's joinery design, ensuring its seamless alignment with stringent structural and durability performance requirements through the adept utilization of the verification method code compliance pathway. Throughout this collaborative engagement, DESIGN ENGINEERS executed a meticulous test report assessment, serving as an unequivocal validation of the proposed joinery systems' strict adherence to stipulated code requirements, covering aspects of structural integrity, durability, and weathertightness.

Moreover, DESIGN ENGINEERS assumed a crucial role in providing exacting calculations, thereby verifying the structural adequacy of frame members, perimeter fixings, and brackets. This intricate process involved the scrupulous selection of products from diverse suppliers, ensuring not only compliance but also the highest standards of structural soundness. Through the implementation of these comprehensive measures, DESIGN ENGINEERS seamlessly contributed to the successful integration of LANCOM COMMERCIAL's joinery design, aligning it meticulously with prevailing industry standards and regulatory compliance. This collaboration stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence and precision exhibited by all stakeholders involved in the realization of this unparalleled Volvo showroom and support facility.


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