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Tile Space Mt Richmond by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Tile Space
Architect: TSE Architects
Contractor: Stateman Project
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The proposed tile space at 15-21 Bell Avenue, Mt Richmond, is a single-story warehouse with a two-story office building. The warehouse encompasses a total area of 7417m2, while the office space spans 600m2. The entire site covers a substantial area, measuring 13329m2. The building structure is characterized by a combination of steel portal framing and precast panels arranged both longitudinally and transversely. This construction approach ensures a robust and versatile framework for the overall design. Additionally, the roof structure is comprised of a lightweight steel roof structure system, featuring metal roofing cladding for enhanced durability and weather resistance. Notably, the building is meticulously designed as a level important level 2 structure, emphasizing its significance and adherence to stringent standards. The design incorporates a 50-year lifespan, underscoring the commitment to longevity and durability in the construction of this facility.

DESIGN ENGINEERS, commissioned by STARKE GROUP, are tasked with delivering the glazed curtain wall facade PS1 Engineering Package for the Tile Space project located at 15-21 Bell Avenue, Mt Richmond. This comprehensive engineering package includes the integration of Starke's cutting-edge architectural systems, specifically the 138mm Flushglaze suite, 106mm Flushglaze suite, and the 40mm New Zealand square suite. Our involvement in the project extends beyond the mere selection of these architectural solutions. We actively engage in the process by conducting a meticulous review of shop drawings, offering engineering insights, and providing recommendations for the design proposed by Starke. Particular attention is dedicated to the engineering justification for the aluminum frame and perimeter fixings and brackets, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with safety standards.

To ascertain the robustness of the selected components, we employ advanced engineering tools such as STAAD Pro to conduct finite element analysis. This method enables us to accurately calculate the stress on brackets, ensuring a precise reflection of their actual behavior under various loadings. Our commitment to thorough analysis and engineering precision contributes to the overall reliability and performance of the curtain wall facade. Throughout the collaboration with STARKE GROUP, our team maintains a close working relationship, facilitating seamless communication and cooperation. By aligning our efforts, we strive to deliver the best engineering solutions for the Tile Space project, ensuring its success and durability in accordance with the project's objectives.


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