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The Sands Town Centre by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Bluehaven Group
Architect: IGNITE
Location: Papamoa
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The ambitious Sands Town Centre project is poised to become a vibrant mixed-use development, with its first stage featuring a significant investment of $100 million in a state-of-the-art aquatic center. This aquatic center will boast a 50m Olympic-sized pool, catering to both recreational swimmers and aspiring athletes. Complementing this, the development will house a large health hub and a retirement village, addressing the diverse needs of the community. In addition to these pivotal amenities, the Sands Town Centre is set to be a focal point for community life. Plans include a major supermarket and retail outlet, serving as a central hub around which approximately 11,000 new homes are envisioned to be built. The Sands is designed to be a holistic community, offering a range of residential options such as apartments, townhouses, and a retirement village, promoting inclusivity and catering to various lifestyle preferences.

The envisioned Health Hub within The Sands is particularly noteworthy, encompassing both primary and secondary care facilities to efficiently service the Eastern corridor. Furthermore, government services are integrated into the development, incorporating essential entities such as the police, fire services, St John Ambulance, and the Ministry of Social Development. Community-focused facilities are integral to The Sands, encompassing public transport amenities, civic spaces, a library, a combined aquatic and indoor center, and ample active reserve spaces. This multifaceted approach ensures that The Sands is not just a residential area but a thriving community with a focus on health, recreation, and overall well-being. Beyond residential and healthcare components, the town center is designed to be a bustling commercial hub. Retail spaces, hospitality establishments, hotels, and commercial office spaces contribute to the creation of a dynamic environment. Showrooms and home improvement tenancies further enhance the diversity of offerings, making The Sands Town Centre a comprehensive and inclusive destination for residents and visitors alike.

The expertise of DESIGN ENGINEERS played a pivotal role in the intricate louvre facade engineering design for the INSOL project. Our involvement extended to conducting a comprehensive wind loading assessment, ensuring the louvre system's resilience against varying wind forces. A meticulous analysis of louvre deformation and strength under the combined effects of gravity and wind loading was undertaken, ensuring that the facade could withstand diverse environmental conditions.

In addition to structural assessments, our team provided crucial calculation verification for the louvre fixing and bracket connections to the building's primary structure. This involved a detailed examination to ascertain the robustness and reliability of the fixings and connections, ensuring that they met stringent engineering standards. Our commitment to precision in design was further exemplified through a thorough shop drawing review, where recommendations for engineering enhancements were provided to fine-tune the implementation of the louvre facade. Recognizing the louvre screen as an integral component of the facade, our engineering efforts were directed towards reflecting the distinctive features of the building. The louvre screen not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the structure but also serves functional purposes, such as regulating light, enhancing ventilation, and providing an architectural identity to the overall design. DESIGN ENGINEERS immersed ourselves in every facet of the louvre facade engineering for the INSOL project, from wind loading assessments to structural analyses, calculation verifications, and shop drawing reviews. The collaborative efforts ensured not only the structural integrity of the louvre system but also its seamless integration into the overall design, contributing to the distinctive character and functionality of the building facade.


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