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St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Catholic Diocese of Auckland
Architect: Jasmax 
Location: Christchurch
Service Type: Facade Engineering
Construction activities have been initiated at the site earmarked for the development of a new educational institution, namely St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College, situated in Drury, Auckland, New Zealand. Foreseen is the inauguration of this forthcoming diocesan college at the commencement of 2024, initially accommodating 340 students, with a gradual expansion envisioned to reach 900 students by the year 2030. The establishment of a Catholic college in the Franklin Counties region south of Auckland has long been an aspirational objective. In the early 1950s, parishioners articulated the need for Catholic education for the youth residing south of Auckland, conveying this proposal to Bishop Liston. Spanning over four decades, the persistent vision came to fruition when a collective of parents, spearheaded by Mr. John Mills, serving as the steering committee chair, mobilized efforts to advocate and actively contribute to the establishment of a Catholic secondary school within the specified area.

Collaborating closely with the Catholic Diocese of Auckland to realize this collective vision, the dedicated group received invaluable support throughout their journey. The guidance and substantial assistance of Fr. Chris Gleeson SJ and other Jesuits from the Australian Province played a pivotal role, contributing to the successful progress of this ambitious undertaking. The collaborative efforts between the engaged parties signify a significant milestone in the pursuit of providing quality Catholic education in the targeted region, marking a substantial step forward in the fulfillment of a longstanding aspiration.

DESIGN ENGINEERS received a commission from Joinery Contractor to undertake structural assessments on several key components, including large flashing, perforated screens and panels, as well as pop-out window flashings. The scope of our involvement extended to conducting a comprehensive wind loading assessment for the facade analysis of the project. In executing the wind loading assessment, we employed the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method. This advanced analytical technique allowed us to precisely determine the stress and displacement of the screens under wind pressure, considering both positive and negative directions. The application of FEA ensured a thorough and accurate evaluation of the structural integrity of the components in response to varying wind conditions.

Our commitment to delivering optimal engineering solutions was evident throughout the project. Leveraging our expertise, we provided the best engineering recommendations tailored to the unique requirements and challenges posed by the specific features of large flashing, perforated screens, panels, and pop-out window flashings. This dedication to offering tailored and effective solutions underscored DESIGN ENGINEERS' commitment to excellence in structural analysis and design.The collaboration with Joinery Contractor not only involved assessing structural elements but also extended to recommending practical engineering solutions. This collaborative approach ensured that our findings were seamlessly integrated into the overall project framework. DESIGN ENGINEERS took pride in contributing valuable insights and expertise to enhance the structural integrity and performance of the components in question.

DESIGN ENGINEERS' engagement with Joinery Contractor for structural assessments showcased our proficiency in tackling diverse challenges related to large flashing, perforated screens, and panels. By employing cutting-edge methodologies such as FEA and offering tailored engineering solutions, we played a pivotal role in ensuring the robustness and reliability of the project's structural components.


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