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Rose Road Apartments

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Project Client: On Rose Investment Ltd
Architect: Herriot Melhuish O' Neil Architects
Contractor: Form Building & Developments
Location: Grey Lynn, Auckland

Situated at the distinguished address of 4 – 8 Rose Road in Ponsonby, Auckland, this building development occupies a space defined by precision and urban connectivity. The building's footprint spans approximately 29m x 36m, providing a thoughtful and efficient use of space within the bustling Ponsonby locale. Noteworthy is the integration of the development amidst the existing urban fabric, flanked by neighboring buildings on three sides, creating a sense of continuity and cohesion within the architectural landscape.
As a testament to its enduring quality, the structure is designed with a projected lifespan of 50 years, underscoring a commitment to longevity and sustainability. The adoption of an Importance Level 2 for this structure further emphasizes its significance in the urban infrastructure, ensuring a robust and resilient framework that adheres to stringent safety and performance standards. This strategic approach to design not only prioritizes the immediate utility of the structure but also envisions its lasting impact on the urban fabric, exemplifying a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and enduring functionality at the heart of Ponsonby's vibrant urban tapestry.

The pivotal role of DESIGN ENGINEERS in the meticulous delivery of the facade engineering PS1 package for a project is a testament to their multifaceted expertise. This comprehensive undertaking encompasses a nuanced wind loading assessment for the entire facade, scrutinizing the intricate details of window and door joinery systems to ensure their resilience against both wind loading and seismic forces. DESIGN ENGINEERS delve into the complexities of joinery structural design, leaving no aspect untouched, and proceed with rigorous verification of associated brackets and fixings to guarantee the structural soundness of the entire system. Furthermore, their purview extends to the intricacies of louvre and louvre bracket design, demanding a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. DESIGN ENGINEERS also undertake the meticulous verification of glass balustrades and cladding, a critical aspect that involves ensuring not just structural integrity but also visual coherence. To bring this intricate tapestry together, DESIGN ENGINEERS engage in a thorough review of shop drawings, demonstrating a commitment to precision and quality assurance. In essence, their involvement in every phase of this complex process exemplifies a dedication to engineering excellence, ensuring the successful integration of structural integrity, functionality, and aesthetic finesse in the facade engineering of the project.

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