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Port Otago Head Office by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Otago Regional Council
Architect: KCA 
Contractor: Calder Stewert
Location: Port Chalmers
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The construction project entails the development of a new 3-storey building characterized by a robust structure comprising precast concrete panels and a steel framework, complemented by concrete floors for stability and durability. The external aesthetic of the building is meticulously designed, featuring a combination of architectural elements to create a visually striking facade. This includes the utilization of precast concrete panels, curtain wall glazing, ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panel cladding, and a weathering steel rainscreen. The thoughtful integration of these diverse materials not only contributes to the building's structural integrity but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

One notable aspect of the project is the creation of a connecting laneway, strategically designed to link the newly constructed 3-storey building with the existing Museum. This architectural consideration ensures a seamless transition and integration between the old and new structures. The laneway serves as both a functional and aesthetic element, fostering connectivity while maintaining a cohesive architectural language throughout the site. The careful planning and execution of this project demonstrate a holistic approach to construction, considering both the structural and visual elements to create a harmonious and well-integrated architectural ensemble.

Hagley Commercial entrusted DESIGN ENGINEERS with a pivotal role in their project, tasking them with delivering the glazed curtain wall facade PS1 package. In response to this engagement, our team took on a comprehensive approach, starting with a meticulous review of shop drawings and providing valuable recommendations to enhance the overall design. As part of our commitment to structural integrity, we conducted rigorous structural performance verification for both the curtain wall frame and glazing, ensuring that the components met stringent quality and safety standards.

In addition to scrutinizing the core elements of the curtain wall system, our focus extended to verifying the curtain wall brackets and their connections to the building's primary structure. This detailed examination aimed to guarantee not only the stability of the facade but also its seamless integration with the overall building structure. Collaborating closely with Hagley, our team actively sought and implemented cost-effective solutions without compromising the project's quality or performance.

To further ensure compliance with industry standards, DESIGN ENGINEERS meticulously reviewed test reports pertaining to the curtain wall system. This encompassed a thorough evaluation of the system's adherence to codes related to strength, deflection, water penetration, air infiltration, and seismic performance. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive package encompassing structural integrity, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance reflects our dedication to delivering excellence in every facet of the glazed curtain wall facade project.


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