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Developer: Foodstuffs Southland Ltd
Architect: McCoywixon Architects
Contractor: Armitage Williams    
Location: Christchurch
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The proposed Pak'n Save is slated to be situated at 171 Main North Road, Redwood, Christchurch, encompassing a substantial site area of 15,625m2. Its significance to Christchurch is multifaceted, as the envisioned development not only incorporates a spacious Pak'nSave supermarket but also integrates a crucial emergency management center. This emergency management center is designed with resilience in mind, engineered to withstand formidable natural disasters, such as the potential rupture of the Alpine Fault. The strategic inclusion of essential features like an emergency water bore, generators, provisions for food and fuel, and helicopter landing facilities positions the site as a robust disaster response hub for the entire Christchurch community.

Moreover, the Pak'n Save supermarket itself will boast a considerable ground floor footprint spanning 6,263m2. Above this retail space, a mezzanine floor will house offices and staff facilities, contributing to the comprehensive functionality of the development. This dual-purpose establishment not only caters to the everyday needs of the local community but also serves as a resilient and prepared focal point for emergency response and management in times of crisis.

The DESIGN ENGINEERS were commissioned to deliver a comprehensive glazed facade engineering PS1 package in support of HAGLEY COMMERCIAL's facade design. This intricate project involved the utilization of various architectural systems, including the APL 125mm Structural Glaze Suite, APL150mm Structural Glaze Suite, APL100mm Flush Glaze, APL32mm Channel Suite, APL100 Shopfront Suite, APL106mm Architectural Suite, and APL40mm Commercial Suite.

To ensure the structural integrity and performance of the curtain wall frame and window frame, the DESIGN ENGINEERS meticulously provided engineering justification. The selection of the most appropriate stiffeners was a critical aspect of this process, meticulously chosen to meet stringent strength and deflection criteria. In parallel, our team conducted a thorough review of the shop drawings submitted by HAGLEY COMMERCIAL, offering technical assistance to address fabrication and construction challenges. Collaboration extended beyond the design phase as the DESIGN ENGINEERS actively engaged in resolving fabrications and construction issues encountered by HAGLEY COMMERCIAL. This hands-on approach exemplifies our commitment to ensuring the successful realization of the facade design.

Moreover, our involvement extended to the review of test reports, a critical step in the validation process. The objective was to select the most appropriate joinery and rigorously demonstrate that the chosen joinery system complies with the relevant building codes. This comprehensive and collaborative effort underscores the commitment of DESIGN ENGINEERS to delivering not only a visually stunning facade but also one that adheres to the highest standards of structural performance and regulatory compliance.


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