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Oceania Aged Care Stage 6 by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Oceania Healthcare
Architect: ASC Architects
Contractor: Argon Constructors Ltd
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
This addition to Oceania’s existing aged care facility in Meadowbank is a new two-level building for dependent residential accommodation. It will contain 40 care suites, common areas and supporting clinical and management areas. The work also includes new services connections, new roading, a new boundary fence and landscaping. All work is being completed without disrupting the ongoing operation of the existing five-block retirement village.

DESIGN ENGINEERS play a crucial role in the engineering design of louvres within the PS1 package. Our primary responsibility is to ensure that the louvre systems we design are structurally sound, capable of withstanding gravitational forces, wind loads, and seismic loading. This involves a meticulous examination of the structural integrity to prevent any risk of collapse under varying conditions. Our engagement extends beyond conceptualization, as we provide technical advice and conduct calculations to verify the proposed louvre support systems. The aim is to guarantee that these support systems meet the necessary structural safety standards. Additionally, we are tasked with reviewing the shop drawings prepared by INSOL, the collaborating entity, ensuring that their proposed designs not only meet structural requirements but also comply with relevant building codes.

A critical aspect of our work is to assess that the proposed louvre design features align with performance requirements without compromising other essential criteria. This multifaceted approach ensures that our involvement encompasses not only structural integrity but also code compliance and overall functionality, contributing to the successful realization of the louvre system within the broader project framework.


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