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Developer: Kainga Ora
Architect: Monk Mackenzie
Contractor: McMillan & Lockwood
Location: Northcote, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
Nestled in the vibrant locale of Cadness Street, Northcote, Auckland, this forthcoming residential development spans an expansive land area of 2,833 square meters. Envisioned as a contemporary apartment complex, the project is poised to introduce 56 new homes to the Auckland housing landscape. Comprising a thoughtful mix of 46 two-bedroom residences and 10 three-bedroom homes, the development caters to a diverse range of living preferences, ensuring a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

The anticipated commencement in the second half of 2022 marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for this project. The 56 new homes will be distributed across five distinct buildings, contributing to the dynamic urban fabric of the area. Among these, a five-level apartment block and a six-level apartment block stand as architectural focal points, embodying modern design principles and offering residents a contemporary living experience.

The composition of the homes within the development reflects a keen understanding of the housing needs of the community. With 46 two-bedroom homes and 10 three-bedroom homes, the project strikes a balance between spatial efficiency and versatility, ensuring that residents have a variety of options to suit their lifestyle requirements. The thoughtful arrangement of the buildings and the mix of dwelling types contribute to a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing community. As the project progresses, it is set to become a hallmark of architectural excellence in the Auckland landscape, offering not just homes but a vibrant and interconnected living environment. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting venture as it unfolds, shaping a new residential narrative in the heart of Northcote.

In the collaborative efforts for the Northcote N34 project, DESIGN ENGINEERS have played a pivotal role in delivering a comprehensive joinery engineering PS1 package. The project's scope includes the implementation of a diverse range of APL products, such as the APL 40mm Commercial Suite, APL Metro Suite, APL 40mm Seismic Frame, APL 125mm Seismic flush glaze suite, APL 100mm shopfront suite, and the APL Metro Stacking sliding door system. This strategic selection ensures a mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal in line with the project's objectives.

One of the key responsibilities undertaken by DESIGN ENGINEERS involved a detailed wind loading assessment to guarantee the structural resilience of the joinery systems. This assessment is complemented by an in-depth computation of joinery profile section properties, essential for optimizing the structural integrity of the selected APL products. Furthermore, the team delved into seismic accommodation mechanism design, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the joinery systems can effectively handle seismic movements.

The commitment to quality extends to joinery frame verification, window perimeter checks, and the design of brackets connecting the joinery systems to the building's primary structure. The meticulous attention to these details ensures not only the structural adequacy but also the seamless integration of the joinery elements into the overall building framework. An integral part of the collaborative process involved assisting ASCOT ALUMINIUM in the selection of joinery systems that meet both structural and aesthetic requirements. This dual consideration ensures that the chosen systems not only contribute to the building's robustness but also enhance its visual appeal. To complete the comprehensive package, DESIGN ENGINEERS verified test reports to establish code compliance, providing a detailed understanding of how the designed systems adhere to building codes and are constructible. This multi-faceted approach ensures that the Northcote N34 project benefits from joinery systems that excel in both performance and compliance.


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