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N16 Apartments

Developer: Kainga Ora
Architect: Ashtonmitchell
Contractor: Leighs Construction
Location: Northcote, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

The N16 Apartments consists of three multi-story residential buildings designated as Block A, Block B, and Block C. Each block comprises six levels, standing at an approximate height of 19 meters. The overall development includes a total of three 6-story apartment blocks, incorporating 2 community rooms, 4 office areas, and 17 accessible homes. The ground floor of the development is allocated for Kāinga Ora's occupancy, serving as the North Auckland neighborhood unit. The construction methodology employed across all three blocks is uniform, employing a combination of prefabricated and on-site installation approaches. The construction process involves the prefinishing of precast concrete panels in a designated yard. These panels are equipped with fitted windows and surface finishes before being transported to the site. Additional facade elements are then installed on both infill timber framing and the precast concrete panels.

Construction activities commenced in July 2021, with an anticipated completion date in mid-2023 for the new homes. DESIGN ENGINEERS is actively engaged by LANCOM COMMERCIAL in providing glazing facade engineering through a PS1 package. Their scope of work includes engineering verification of joinery frames and brackets/fixings for various systems, such as the APL100mm Flush glaze system, APL Architectural 106mm system, APL125mm Flush glaze system, APL Magnum door system, and APL 40mm commercial facing window system.

DESIGN ENGINEERS role is crucial in offering robust engineering justification to ensure compliance with building codes. This encompasses structural, durability, and weathertightness performance requirements, involving a thorough assessment of test reports and adherence to industry best practices. DESIGN ENGINEERS ensures that the structural design of aluminium frames and structures meets safety and performance standards by analyzing loads, stresses, and strains on aluminium structures to ensure they meet building codes and regulations. Moreover, design and and engineering of building facades, including aluminium curtain walls and glazed systems by designing and validating the structural and performance aspects of aluminium facades to meet architectural and regulatory requirements.

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