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Merchant Quarter by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Cochranes
Architect: Jasmax
Contractor: Hawkins Construction
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The project consisted of 110 units over 10 levels. Each unit is either one bedroom, one bedroom plus study, or two bedrooms. There are balconies with panoramic views of the surrounding area, across the upper harbour and beyond. This tower was built upon the existing five-level car park, which was developed by a Council-led joint venture partnership as part of the New Lynn transformation. 

Merchant Quarter is another stage in the redevelopment of New Lynn as one of Auckland’s metropolitan centres. It’s already the crossroads to the west and, with the massive investment in a public transport interchange, the aim is that a new generation of people will be able to afford cheap apartments here and either work in the area or commute into the city. Jasmax has designed two long buildings with a residential tower above. The north-eastern block is clad in a shard-like pattern of dark glass and light-coloured GRC; primarily, it houses a healthcare facility above shops and cafés. The south-western block, clad in weathering steel, holds nearly 300 car parks over more shops at street level. The tower is 10 storeys of apartments.

The location of the building, proximity to key infrastructure and the absence of any site area at ground level meant that a detailed planning and management exercise had to be undertaken before construction could commence. Neighbouring properties such as the New Lynn Transport Centre, the medical centre, underground rail tunnel and the central retail district were also key features of the project.

DESIGN ENGINEERS were enlisted to serve as expert witnesses, conducting a thorough site investigation on behalf of Viridian Glass. This specialized engagement required their expertise in assessing and providing professional insights related to the specific circumstances surrounding Viridian Glass. The primary focus of DESIGN ENGINEERS during this assignment was to meticulously examine the site in question, delving into various aspects such as structural considerations, safety measures, and compliance with industry standards. By leveraging their knowledge and experience, they aimed to provide an objective and informed perspective to support Viridian Glass in any legal or technical matters. The role of an expert witness in a site investigation involves not only a keen understanding of engineering principles but also the ability to communicate complex technical details in a clear and comprehensible manner. DESIGN ENGINEERS took on this responsibility to ensure that their findings and analyses could effectively contribute to the case or situation on behalf of Viridian Glass.

The engagement of DESIGN ENGINEERS as expert witnesses for the site investigation on behalf of Viridian Glass underscores their commitment to delivering precise and insightful assessments in matters related to engineering, ensuring a thorough understanding of the site's intricacies and complexities.


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