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Mairangi Bay Apartments by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: MacMurray Limited
Architect: Herbst Maxcey Metropolitan Architects
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

Mairangi Bay Apartments stands as a distinguished 4-storey mixed-use project, featuring a thoughtfully designed composition of three storeys dedicated to residential spaces and one storey designated for retail purposes. Within this architectural masterpiece, meticulous attention has been directed towards the joinery systems, which play a pivotal role in enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The joinery systems at Mairangi Bay Apartments encompass a diverse range of unit types, each contributing to the overall design coherence. Among these, the glazing systems stand out prominently, showcasing a commitment to cutting-edge technology and thermal efficiency. Specifically, the Profacade series takes center stage, offering a range of thermally broken components such as fixed window frames, awning window frames, and slider doors. These elements not only ensure a seamless integration of natural light but also prioritize energy efficiency within the living spaces.

The joinery repertoire extends to include the Profacade 65T-124mm Shopfront and Louvers, further enhancing the architectural finesse with a focus on both form and function. Additionally, the Roto Folding Aluminium Flush Sill Door Frame introduces a dynamic element to the design, exemplifying innovation and versatility in the overall architectural scheme. In essence, Mairangi Bay Apartments not only epitomizes modern living with its well-defined residential spaces but also underscores a commitment to a superior level of craftsmanship through the careful selection and integration of advanced joinery systems, culminating in a harmonious blend of form, function, and aesthetic sophistication.

Design Engineers were integral to the collaborative initiative with STARKE Group, taking charge of delivering an exhaustive PS1 package to fortify the structural integrity of their glazed facade design. A critical aspect of this endeavor involved an exhaustive wind loading assessment. Our team meticulously scrutinized the structural dynamics to determine the optimal strategy for meeting requirements pertaining to durability, external moisture resistance, and safety glazing.

With a primary focus on augmenting structural robustness, we actively engaged in the selection of a suitable joinery system. This entailed a nuanced evaluation of diverse factors, including the stiffness and strength of the aluminum frame. Employing Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and Serviceability Limit State (SLS) wind pressures in both positive and negative orientations, we rigorously validated the resilience of the chosen joinery system across varying conditions.

In our dedication to comprehensive engineering, we expanded our scrutiny to encompass balcony glass barriers, ensuring adherence to established glass standards for barrier loading. Recognizing the pivotal role of fixings as structural elements, we underscored their significance in securing the joinery components, thereby contributing to the overall stability and safety of the glazed facade.

Furthermore, our involvement extended to the intricate realm of glazing seismic accommodation design, leveraging our expertise to guarantee the resilience of the facade in the event of seismic occurrences. This multidimensional approach exemplifies the unwavering commitment of Design Engineers to not merely meet but surpass the expectations outlined in the delivery of a resilient PS1 package for STARKE Group's glazed facade design. Our priorities remain centered on upholding structural integrity, safety considerations, and aesthetic coherence throughout the engineering process.


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