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Lighthouse Apartments by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Architect: Leuschke Group Architects
Contractor:  Amstar
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

Perched at the central nexus of the city amid a vibrant tapestry of art and culture, Lighthouse Apartments commandingly occupy the summit of Karangahape Road. The strategic positioning of this architectural marvel bestows sweeping panoramic views of the urban landscape upon the majority of its living spaces. Exemplifying opulence for urban denizens, these residences are meticulously crafted with top-tier materials, ensuring enduring quality. The incorporation of Franklin's tapware stands out as a notable feature, especially appealing to prospective property owners seeking a rental unit with minimal maintenance requirements. The apartments, adorned with engineered timber floors, introduce an ethereal quality to the environment, lifting residents above the hustle and bustle of the urban milieu. Lighthouse, with its north-facing orientation, bathes in sunlight throughout the day, creating a luminous and pristine ambiance within the living spaces.

Beyond being mere living spaces, Lighthouse embodies a lifestyle intricately woven into the cultural fabric of Karangahape Road, surrounded by dining establishments and art galleries. Choosing to reside at Lighthouse ensures seamless access to the city, whether by a leisurely stroll, scooter ride, or bicycle journey to Ponsonby or the city center. The frontage along Karangahape Road aligns harmoniously with adjacent heritage buildings, while a taller rear block, designed for visibility from a greater distance, features simpler façade detailing. A thoughtfully designed screen provides privacy for street-facing apartments and addresses heritage concerns in the Karangahape Road Precinct. The architectural forms cleverly disguise the Karangahape Rd setback control, maximizing floor area while adhering to District Plan requirements. A split-level ground floor facilitates rear car parking and high-stud retail spaces at the prominent corner.

Situated in the heart of the city, Lighthouse Apartments stand tall on the crest of Karangahape Road, granting most units panoramic views of the city. These apartments offer a luxurious haven for city dwellers, meticulously designed and engineered with top-quality products that stand the test of time. The north-facing orientation of Lighthouse ensures it enjoys sunlight throughout the day, fostering a bright and pristine atmosphere. Lighthouse is not just a residence; it's a lifestyle deeply ingrained in the cultural vibrancy of Karangahape Road, surrounded by eateries and art galleries. Living at Lighthouse means having the city at your fingertips, with a short walk, scooter, or cycle ride to Ponsonby or the city center. The project features Starke 40mm aluminium joinery throughout, including a distinctive master-bedroom enclosure utilizing the Starke 40mm slider flush track for a sleek minimalist aesthetic.

DESIGN ENGINEERS entered into collaboration with STARKE GROUP, taking on the responsibility of delivering a comprehensive Engineering PS1 for their aluminum joinery project. Our involvement encompassed a multitude of critical aspects, including the meticulous selection of the aluminum joinery system, specification of profiles, and rigorous checks on mullion and transom spans. Our team undertook a thorough verification process for window perimeter fixings, ensuring the structural integrity of the entire system. The seismic racking accommodation design was a key focus, addressing the project's resilience to seismic forces. Additionally, we conducted exhaustive checks on glazing strength and deformation to guarantee optimal performance.

In our commitment to excellence, we delved into the analysis of test reports and meticulously demonstrated compliance with relevant building codes. Our role extended to the design of connection elements, where we ensured that connections not only met but exceeded durability requirements for long-term structural stability. Recognizing the importance of on-site technical solutions, our team provided invaluable support in addressing any engineering-related issues that may have arisen during the execution of the project. Our commitment to quality, precision, and problem-solving allowed us to contribute significantly to the successful realization of STARKE GROUP's aluminum joinery venture.  


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