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Hillside apartments by Design Engineers

Developer: DuVal Group
Architect: Archimedia Waikato Architects
Contractor: DuVal Management Ltd
Location: Mt Wellington, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

Hillside ACA Apartments comprise two distinct residential structures, namely the West building and East building. The East building stands as a 5-storey structure, while the West building is a 4-storey edifice. Both buildings share a single-level underground basement and are situated at 64-66 Hillside Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland. The Hillside ACA Apartments project involves the construction of two separate residential buildings, each standing as an independent structure. The connection between them is established solely through a common car park area (Slab on Grade), featuring a seismic separation at Level 0.
The East building, rising to 5 storeys with an additional underground basement designated as a car park floor, boasts a footprint measuring 15m x 36m and a gross floor area of approximately 540 m2. A transfer system has been strategically employed in this building to optimize space in the lower two car park levels. Notably, the lower car park level's boundary is smaller than the residential floor area above, necessitating the placement of some columns and walls on higher levels beyond the basement footprint.

In parallel, the West building, spanning 4 storeys with an analogous underground basement, shares a similar footprint to the East building: approximately 15m x 36m, with a gross floor area of 540 m2. Similar to the East building, the basement area constitutes almost half of the residential area above, leading to the placement of certain columns and walls on higher levels outside the basement footprint.

DESIGN ENGINEERS, engaged by STARKE GROUP, provided essential engineering technical support and produced the PS1 Package for the aluminum-framed glazing facade, utilizing the Starke joinery system for both building blocks A and B. At project initiation, DESIGN ENGINEERS conducted an exhaustive preliminary assessment, collaborating closely with architects and design teams. This involved a meticulous examination of joinery requirements, material specifications, and structural considerations to align joinery concepts with structural integrity and architectural intent. DESIGN ENGINEERS played a critical role in the judicious selection of materials for joinery components. This involved a detailed analysis of material properties, performance under various conditions, and strict adherence to design standards. Close collaboration with suppliers ensured that selected materials met both aesthetic and performance criteria. Ensuring the structural robustness of joinery elements was a primary responsibility. DESIGN ENGINEERS utilized advanced structural analysis techniques to assess the impact of joinery on the overall facade system. This included evaluating load-bearing capacities, wind resistance, and other structural considerations, ensuring seamless integration within the broader facade framework. Collaborating with design teams, DESIGN ENGINEERS engaged in iterative design processes to optimize joinery elements. This involved fine-tuning designs for enhanced structural efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and compliance with regulatory standards. The goal was to achieve a harmonious balance between design aspirations and engineering practicality.

In essence, DESIGN ENGINEERS' involvement in the Hillside ACA Apartments project represents a holistic approach, effectively marrying design aspirations with engineering precision. The result is a facade system seamlessly integrating joinery components while meeting both structural and aesthetic objectives.


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