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Distinction Hotel Christchurch by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Distinction Hotels NZ
Architect: Studio 4 Architects
Location: Christchurch
Service Type: Facade Engineering

Situated in the heart of Christchurch, conversion of this former hotel in Cathedral Square to the Distinction Hotel brand both actively and positively contributes to the ongoing rejuvenation of this key public space. With 179 rooms over eleven floors, spacious layouts and contemporary finishes were chosen to create warmth and comfort for guests as is renowned with Distinction Hotels. Readily accessible amenities are designed with travellers in mind and offer relaxing spaces to unwind whilst enjoying views over central Christchurch. Common ground level areas containing reception, bar and restaurant are arranged intuitively to encourage guests and visitors on arrival to experience local hospitality in a comfortable setting. Selected furnishings complement the generous volumes by creating areas of retreat and privacy whilst also connecting to the surrounding city.

In a collaborative venture with Hagley Commercial, DESIGN ENGINEERS took on the responsibility of delivering a comprehensive PS1 package for windows and doors, elevating the project's structural and design integrity. Our engagement unfolded as a multifaceted process, commencing with the meticulous selection of the window joinery system. This intricate task involved a nuanced evaluation of various factors, including structural considerations, thermal performance, and alignment with the overarching architectural vision.

Our commitment to structural robustness extended to the verification of window frames, ensuring that they not only met but surpassed the rigorous engineering standards. The verification process delved into the materials, design, and construction of the frames, guaranteeing their resilience against environmental factors and structural loads. Simultaneously, we undertook a comprehensive examination of window opening perimeter fixing, specifying and validating the solutions to ensure the secure integration of windows within the building envelope.

A distinctive aspect of our involvement was the design coordination undertaken with the architect and project engineer. This collaborative effort aimed to align the window and door designs as seamlessly as possible with the parameters provided by other consultants involved in the project. By actively participating in the design coordination process, DESIGN ENGINEERS ensured that the windows and doors were not only structurally sound but also aesthetically and functionally coherent within the broader architectural and engineering framework.

DESIGN ENGINEERS' role in providing the PS1 package for windows and doors for the Hagley Commercial project exemplifies a comprehensive and integrated approach to engineering. From system selection to design coordination, our commitment to precision, structural integrity, and alignment with the project's design parameters contributed to the successful realization of a robust and harmonious architectural vision.


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