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Key Team Members

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Cissy Yang

"Harmonizing Operations, Orchestrating Efficiency, and Cultivating a Culture of Productivity: Design Engineers' Trusted Expert in Office Management, Where Strategic Planning, Team Collaboration, and Seamless Execution Merge to Create an Environment of Excellence, Empowering Every Individual to Thrive and Flourish in Pursuit of Organizational Success, Setting the Stage for Innovation, Growth, and Sustainable Achievement, One Detail, One Decision, One Day at a Time."

Cissy joined Design Engineers in January 2023 as an Office Administrator. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our office, including administrative and clerical duties. She ensures that the office runs smoothly and efficiently by managing schedules, coordinating meetings, responding to phone calls and emails, maintaining files and records, and ordering office supplies. She is also managing office staff, including hiring, training, and supervising employees, assigning work tasks, and monitoring employee performance. In addition, Cissy is responsible for managing financial records, including accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and budgeting. She is managing office records, including filing and organizing documents, maintaining records, and ensuring that records are up-to-date. She is responsible for managing office projects, including planning, organizing, and coordinating tasks, monitoring progress, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. She oversees our business in terms of human resources, finance, and marketing to ensure that everyone is working towards common goals and the office's needs are met. Overall, Cissy is responsible for managing all aspects of an office to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively.

Before joining us as an Office Administrator, Cissy earned bachelor's degrees in Engineering and Business from China and New Zealand, respectively. She has extensive experience in administrative support and office management and has developed strong communication and organizational skills from her previous workplaces. Cissy is proficient in computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, and database software.


Cissy has two children and enjoys spending time with her family during her free time.


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