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Christ's College Sports Centre by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Christ's College
Architect: Architectus
Contractor: Higgs Construction
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The project involves the construction of a spacious two-level steel portal-framed gymnasium spanning 2580m2. The structural framework incorporates pre-decorative precast concrete panels, enhancing both the aesthetics and durability of the facility. The south elevation of the gymnasium features glazed elements, introducing natural light and creating a visually appealing aspect to the structure. Within this expansive facility, various functional spaces have been meticulously planned and designed. The sports-oriented aspects include a substantial 1400m2 Sports Hall, catering to a range of athletic activities. Additionally, there is a dedicated Strength and Conditioning room, equipped to meet the diverse fitness needs of users. A Multi-purpose room has been included, capable of accommodating up to 40 sports machines, ensuring versatility in the facility's usage.

In addition to the sports-related areas, the project incorporates spaces for education and meetings. Two Classroom Spaces have been integrated, providing a conducive environment for learning and instructional activities. A designated Meeting Space further enhances the facility's versatility, offering a suitable setting for gatherings and discussions. Comprehensive amenities and changing facilities have been strategically incorporated to support the needs of users within the gymnasium. These amenities are complemented by thoughtfully designed storage facilities, ensuring the practicality and functionality of the entire structure.

In essence, this project goes beyond the construction of a gymnasium; it represents a well-thought-out design that caters to a diverse range of activities, from sports and fitness to educational and communal pursuits. The attention to detail in the structural elements and the thoughtful planning of various spaces reflect a commitment to creating a multifaceted facility that serves the needs of its users effectively.

The pivotal role of DESIGN ENGINEERS in this project was centered around the engineering design of aluminum joinery and an exterior louvre screen. Specifically, our team took charge of formulating a comprehensive engineering design for the aluminum joinery, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to specifications. This involved creating a detailed PS1 package tailored for Altus, outlining the precise engineering requirements and specifications for the aluminum joinery component of the project.

Simultaneously, DESIGN ENGINEERS undertook a similar responsibility for the exterior louvre screen, contributing a dedicated PS1 package designed for INSOL. This package encompassed the critical engineering details, specifications, and guidelines necessary for the successful implementation of the louvre screen within the project. By providing tailored PS1 packages for both Altus and INSOL, our team aimed to streamline the engineering processes and ensure seamless integration of these crucial components into the overall project framework.

In addition to the design and documentation aspects, DESIGN ENGINEERS undertook a wind loading assessment to evaluate the impact of wind forces on the aluminum joinery and louvre screen. This assessment played a crucial role in ensuring that the structures not only met the aesthetic and functional requirements but also stood resilient in the face of environmental factors, contributing to the overall safety and stability of the project.

In summary, DESIGN ENGINEERS played a pivotal role in the engineering design of the aluminum joinery and exterior louvre screen for this project. Their meticulous approach involved providing tailored PS1 packages for Altus and INSOL, ensuring the detailed specifications and engineering requirements were met. The wind loading assessment further underscored the commitment to delivering structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and resilient in diverse environmental conditions.


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