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Windy Ridge School by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Ministry of Education
Architect: Respond Architects
Contractor:  Woodview Construction
Location: Christchurch
Service Type: Facade Engineering

Windy Ridge School, as a Green-Gold Enviro School deeply committed to fostering connections with the environment, embarked on a roll growth project necessitating the design of 12 new learning spaces. The project, aligned with the school's ethos of low-energy and healthy building practices, presented a unique challenge for our team of DESIGN ENGINEERS. The design approach was intentionally straightforward, emphasizing performance and aesthetics. Visual flourishes and meticulous attention to detail were incorporated to capture the interest of both students and visitors. Notably, the 1st-floor view of the new building overlooks the harbor to the west, prompting the implementation of a perforated screen. This feature serves the dual purpose of offering unobstructed views while providing shading and weather protection.

A balanced mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, complemented by strategically placed opening windows, was crucial for user comfort and control. Insol Horizon Canopies, featuring a standard Dulux Duratec powder coat, were strategically fixed above ground floor windows on the North, East, and South elevations. This addition not only enhances window utilization but also contributes to meeting ambitious energy efficiency goals, surpassing the building code minimum by 70%. Undoubtedly, the standout feature of the design lies in the intricately crafted staircases. Adorned with large scenes created from a custom dapple design, these staircases utilize varying open rates to cleverly convey depth, with scenes dynamically changing based on viewing angles and time of day. The integration of these scenes during the day seamlessly blends with the external environment, while by night, the scenes transform into captivating silhouettes against the night sky.

The Scoria Red panels, bold and contrasting during the day, undergo a metamorphosis by night. Interior lights mask the red hue, revealing the full scene created by the dapple perforations, a testament to an ingenious use of the dapple concept. Transitioning to our engineering focus, a dedicated team of DESIGN ENGINEERS has been meticulously selected to deliver a comprehensive louvre engineering PS1 package for Windy Ridge School. The engineering tasks encompass a range of critical activities, from an exhaustive wind loading assessment to ensure resilience under diverse conditions, to the meticulous selection of a screen system that aligns with the school's specific needs.

Perimeter frame span checks, scrutiny of the louvre system's interface with other cladding components, meticulous selection and verification of fixings, and the precise engineering of brackets are pivotal elements in our comprehensive approach. A thorough study of test reports and a rigorous demonstration of code compliance will underscore our commitment to delivering a robust and compliant louvre engineering PS1 package for Windy Ridge School. Through our expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we aim to contribute to the success of this innovative and environmentally conscious project.


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