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Timberly Road

Developer: Geodis
Architect: Eclipse Architects
Contractor: Macrennie Commerical Construction
Location: Mangere, Auckland

Service Type: Facade Engineering

The Geodis office and warehouse project represents a dynamic integration of office and warehouse functionalities within a singular, architecturally sophisticated structure. The office component stands as a distinguished two-story building, encompassing an expansive 700m2 floor area, while the warehouse component assumes the form of a high-stud warehouse, boasting an impressive 5,000m2 floor area. The entirety of the project unfolds across a sprawling site area of approximately 10,526m2, providing a spacious canvas for the realization of this mixed-use endeavor. A defining feature of the warehouse's exterior is the utilization of precast concrete panels, not only contributing to the facility's robustness but also imparting a distinctive aesthetic character. In contrast, the office facade embraces modernity with the incorporation of the APL Flush glazed curtain wall system, seamlessly complemented by the presence of APL featured louvres, adding both functional and aesthetic dimensions to the architectural ensemble. The structural integrity of the entire edifice is underscored by its designation as an important Level 2 structure, embodying a robust design life of 50 years. In essence, the Geodis office and warehouse project emerges as a harmonious convergence of form and function, where architectural innovation meets practical utility in a structure poised for enduring significance.

DESIGN ENGINEERS played a pivotal role in orchestrating the meticulous delivery of the facade engineering PS1 package for our client LANCOM COMMERCIAL. This multifaceted undertaking encompassed a comprehensive wind loading assessment for the facade, delving into the intricacies of selecting an optimal curtain wall system capable of withstanding both wind loading and seismic forces. DESIGN ENGINEERS meticulously engaged in the structural design of the curtain wall, ensuring its resilience, and conducted thorough verification of the associated brackets and fixings to guarantee structural integrity. Furthermore, the scope extended to the nuanced design of louvres and their brackets, a process that demanded precision and a keen understanding of aesthetic and functional considerations. DESIGN ENGINEERS also undertook the critical responsibility of meticulously reviewing shop drawings, emphasizing attention to detail to ensure that every element of the facade engineering PS1 package adhered to the highest standards of quality and compliance. In essence, our involvement represented a synthesis of technical expertise, structural acumen, and meticulous scrutiny, contributing significantly to the overall success and reliability of the facade engineering for the 25 Timberly Road project.


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