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TheAberton by Design Engineers

Developer: Fullham Trustee Ltd
Architect: Leuschke Group Architects
Contractor: Ganellen
Location: St Lukes, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

The Alberton is Auckland’s newest urban village, offering 121 exclusive freehold strata title residences that sit at the intersection of city life, sustainability and the feel of a vibrant village. Behind the striking, architectural facades, each residence is warm, inviting and modern, with spacious private courtyards and verdant surrounds designed to bring residents closer to nature. It’s an idea that is one of The Alberton’s core tenants — that the contemporary urbanite is seeking a sustainable lifestyle, more connected to the natural environment and to the people around them.

The Alberton development is a mixed use “Urban Village” development, comprising of 2-3 storey units, housing mostly two bedroom and studio residences.  Rows of terraced units line the perimeter of the site on the east, south, and west with a new internal road providing access. In the centre, there are smaller rows of terraced residences with street and laneway access.  The façade of the residences comprises of aluminium cladding, brick veneer walls, vertical timber cladding and profiled metal cladding with a range of aluminium framed glazed sliding doors and windows. 

DESIGN ENGINEERS were contracted by LANCOM COMMERCIAL to furnish a comprehensive PS1 package service specifically tailored for windows and joinery. This engagement aimed to fortify LANCOM COMMERCIAL's joinery design, ensuring its alignment with structural and durability performance requirements through the utilization of the verification method code compliance pathway. In the course of this collaboration, DESIGN ENGINEERS meticulously conducted a test report assessment to substantiate that the proposed joinery systems adhere to the stipulated code requirements, encompassing structural integrity, durability, and weathertightness.

Furthermore, DESIGN ENGINEERS played a pivotal role in delivering precise calculations to verify the adequacy of frame members, perimeter fixings, and brackets. This involved a meticulous selection of appropriate products from various suppliers to ensure structural soundness. Through these comprehensive measures, DESIGN ENGINEERS contributed to the seamless integration of LANCOM COMMERCIAL's joinery design, aligning it with industry standards and regulatory compliance.


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