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                                                             SWITCH APARTMENTS

Switch Apartments by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: MacMurray Limited
Architect: Novak + Diddleton
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

The architectural framework of the structure is meticulously composed, featuring a combination of durable and aesthetically pleasing materials. The exterior boasts precast ribbed concrete panels with a Resene X200 paint finish, providing both resilience and a polished appearance. Enhancing the vertical elements are p/coated Nu-Wall over Alibat cavity battens, showcasing a seamless integration of form and function.

The roofing system is a testament to precision, employing a 0.55mm Colorsteel Espan 470 swaged roofing technique, complemented by Colorsteel fascia/barge flashing for a cohesive look. Further contributing to the design are proprietary aluminum louvre screens, adorned with a powder-coated finish, adding a touch of modernity to the façade. The incorporation of a transom box beam structure not only provides structural support but also elegantly frames the louvre screens, contributing to the overall architectural finesse.

Innovative roofing solutions include a TPO membrane flat roof and a torch-on membrane flat roof, showcasing a commitment to both functionality and longevity. The exterior aesthetic is further enhanced with the use of powder-coated aluminum rainwater heads, seamlessly integrated Colorsteel downpipes, and strategically tensioned stainless steel wire supports facilitating the growth of green wall plants within the precast "U" panel.

Diversity in cladding materials is evident, with a 9mm Hardies Easyclad on cavity system boasting a paint finish for durability. Horizontal p/coated Nu-Wall over timber cavity battens and 0.55mm Colorsteel folded wingwall flashing contribute to a textured and visually dynamic exterior. The integration of 0.55mm Colorsteel vertical Espan 470 flat cladding fixed over 45mm structural cavity battens to blockwall adds a layer of sophistication to the structure, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail in the construction process.

The role of DESIGN ENGINEERS in the engineering design and delivery of the PS1 package is crucial, particularly in the intricacies of louvre screen design. This encompasses a comprehensive evaluation, including checks on louvre members, louvre support rails, and louvre brackets. Each component undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure compliance with design specifications. It is imperative that the louvre features accurately reflect the intended design, ensuring a seamless integration into the overall architectural vision. A pivotal aspect of the engineering process involves the determination of the louvre load path. This intricate task requires a meticulous approach to ascertain how forces are distributed throughout the louvre system. Simultaneously, there is a focused effort on sizing louvre elements appropriately and specifying the correct fixing size and type. This attention to detail ensures not only the structural integrity of the louvre system but also its harmonious integration into the larger structural framework.

The resilience of the louvre system against external forces, particularly wind loads, is a paramount consideration. DESIGN ENGINEERS dedicate their expertise to ensuring that the louvre itself is robust enough to withstand these forces. Simultaneously, there is a meticulous examination of louvre brackets to guarantee they possess the strength necessary to support the entire louvre system. This comprehensive approach underscores the commitment to both functionality and structural soundness in the engineering and design of louvre screens.

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