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Richardson Apartments by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Property Partners Ltd
Architect: Oxygen Architecture
Contractor: Build & Partners
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The Richardson Road project marks a transformative development in New Zealand's medium-rise residential market, presenting a significant advancement in construction methodologies. At its core, the project is characterized by the construction of three six-storey apartment buildings, representing a substantial leap forward for the industry. What sets this endeavor apart is the innovative use of off-site manufactured (OSM) timber volumetric modules, a pioneering approach in New Zealand's construction landscape.

This ambitious project breaks new ground by adopting a construction technique that emphasizes precision and efficiency through the fabrication of timber volumetric modules off-site. The decision to construct the entire development with OSM timber modules is groundbreaking, signifying a departure from traditional construction methods. This venture not only represents a first-of-its-kind initiative in New Zealand but also serves as a milestone for the broader application of OSM and timber structures in projects of this scale. The utilization of OSM timber volumetric modules introduces a host of benefits, including accelerated construction timelines, reduced on-site disruption, and enhanced sustainability through the use of timber as a primary building material. As the project unfolds, it is poised to set a precedent for future developments, showcasing the viability and advantages of embracing innovative construction techniques for medium-rise residential structures.

In essence, Richardson Road emerges as a game changer, not just for the immediate project but for the entire landscape of medium-rise residential construction in New Zealand. The fusion of six-storey apartment buildings and off-site manufactured timber volumetric modules represents a bold and progressive approach that holds the potential to reshape industry norms and inspire similar innovations in the future.

In the dynamic landscape of the Richardson Apartments project, DESIGN ENGINEERS played a crucial role by spearheading the joinery engineering aspect through the formulation of a comprehensive PS1 package. This package encompasses a range of intricate processes and assessments aimed at ensuring the structural robustness, compliance, and safety of the joinery components within the development.

One of the key components of the PS1 package was the meticulous wind loading assessment. DESIGN ENGINEERS meticulously evaluated the potential impact of wind forces on the joinery elements, employing their expertise to ensure that the structures not only met the required standards but also demonstrated resilience in the face of varying environmental conditions. This aspect was fundamental in establishing the durability and stability of the joinery within the Richardson Apartments project.

Furthermore, the PS1 package included in-depth considerations such as joinery system selections, code compliance demonstration through the meticulous comparison of test reports, joinery frame span checks, and perimeter fixing checks. These assessments collectively formed a robust framework for the selection and implementation of joinery systems, aligning them with stringent code requirements and industry standards. Another critical dimension of DESIGN ENGINEERS' involvement in Richardson Apartments was the design of seismic accommodation mechanisms. Given the seismic considerations in New Zealand, the team dedicated efforts to devise mechanisms that would enhance the structures' ability to withstand seismic events. This included the formulation of innovative designs for brackets and other components that play a pivotal role in accommodating seismic forces.

In summary, DESIGN ENGINEERS brought their expertise to the forefront in the Richardson Apartments project, particularly in the realm of joinery engineering. Their comprehensive PS1 package, comprising wind loading assessments, system selections, compliance demonstrations, frame span checks, fixing checks, and seismic accommodation mechanisms, underscores their commitment to ensuring the structural integrity, safety, and compliance of the joinery elements within this significant development.


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