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Producer Statements (Facade)

An author of a producer statement is responsible and accountable for its content. Authors accept that council places reliance on their statement. To avoid any doubt, this includes where an author signs a producer statement covering another person's design(PS2) or observation of construction (PS4). It is author's responsibility to ensure that they are satisfied that the work is compliant. However, it remains up to council's discretion whether or not to accept a producer statement to support compliance.

Producer Statement - PS1 (facade design)

PS1 producer statements are for the design.(i.e. facade). Council will only consider PS1 Authors who are "active" on their producer statement register and working within their scope of acceptance.

The author must be the designer of the facade and explain how the individual components come together and comply with the Building Code. Documentation supporting the authors findings must be site specific. The signed PS1 can not be older than 90 days.

Producer statements can not be issued subject to contingencies(i.e. something happening in the future). Example, making it subject to a successful AS/NZS4284 test or further construction detailing to be provided after the producer statement has been issued. Both example are unacceptable. The PS1 is a statement the author is satisfied on reasonable grounds that at the time of signing the producer statement, compliance with the Building Code will be achieved if built in accordance with their design.

If a PS1 author needs to undertake site observations(minimum CM2-Engineering New Zealand) they will need to provide a signed PS4(construction review). The PS4 and supporting documentation needs to be supplied to council when applying for the Code Compliance Certificate(CCC).

Producer Statement - PS2 (facade design review)

PS2s are issued by design professionals who have independently reviewed another designer's work. A signed PS2 confirms the author of the PS2 is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the proposed building work will comply with the Building Code if bult in accordance with the plans and specifications reviewed.

PS2 authors must be “active” on Council's producer statement register and working within their scope of acceptance. The signed PS2 cannot be older than 90 days.

Remember, PS2 author can not perform the role of the designer or be involved in the design.

The PS2 author's role is to independently review the designer's proposal including plans, compliance path report, and any supporting documentation. If a reviewer identifies an issue, it is the designer's responsibility to provide solution not the reviewer. The proposed solution must be independently reviewed by the PS2 author. PS2 can not be issued to something happening in the future. A register of questions/changes made by the reviewer must be included within the PS2. Confirmation that all questions/changes have been closed off must be supplied to Council.

If a PS2 author is required to undertake site observations during construction, they will need to provide a signed PS4(construction monitoring) on completion. The PS4 and supporting documentation needs to be supplied to council when applying for the CCC.

Producer Statement - PS3 (facade construction)

PS3 producer statements for construction are used to confirm to council that the installation complies with the approved building consent. It is accepted that one person will not install every component of the external envelop thus an overarching PS3 for the entire facade is unlikely. A series of PS3 for the installation of specific systems is acceptable.

Producer Statement - PS4 (facade construction review)

The position of the PS4 author is to review the building works that have been undertaken on site and in accordance with the approved building consent. The PS4 will confirm to Council that this has happened. Review of the construction cannot commence until the approved building consent has been issued. Site water testing is generally required during construction. It is expected that the programme for site testing would have been nominated in the compliance report as part of the building consent application. Consequently, the approved building consent is granted on this understanding.

The tests must be witnessed by the author of the compliance path report or the author of the PS2(or their appointed representatives). Documentation relating to the tests and the results must be provided to council with the application for CCC.

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