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Patrick Teo

BE(Civil), ME(Fire), CMEngNZ, SFPE

"Protecting Lives, Preserving Properties, and Pioneering Fire Safety: Your Local  Expert in Innovative Fire Engineering Solutions, Where Expertise, Innovation, and Diligence Merge to Safeguard Communities, Ensure Regulatory Compliance, and Forge a Path Towards Unrivaled Fire Protection Solutions, Setting the Standard for Safety Excellence in Every Project, Every Time."

Patrick joined Design Engineers in 2022 as the Principal Fire Engineer. He specializes in fire engineering design, peer review, and egress reports using Acceptable and Alternative Solutions. Specifically, he focuses on multi-unit terrace houses and apartment designs with fire rating elements and structural stability. Patrick has 23 years of fire engineering design experience and 50 years of structural engineering design experience. As a Principal Fire Engineer, he has been involved in preparing several thousand fire and egress reports for the last 20 years. Patrick only focuses on fire design in order to achieve excellence in the field of fire engineering. His experience in structural engineering has given him the knowledge to assist structural engineers in fire stability design.


His worked fire engineering design projects include following:

Proposed four 6 million dollars Apartments in 35th level at 1 Courthouse Lane for ‘change of use’ under 224f at Auckland (38 storeys building). 

Chinese Restaurant ‘addition & alteration’ at 164 Parnell Rd at Auckland (five storeys building).

Proposed ‘alteration & addition’ for Sikh Temple at 70 Takanini School Rd at Takanini (two storey building).

Retail Shop for ‘change of use’ 10 Gorden Road , Otahuhu, Auckland (two storey building)

Encounter Christian Centre for ‘change of use’ 31 Morningside Drive, Auckland (two storey building).

Retail shop for ‘change of use’ 911 Dominion Rd, Auckland (single portal frame building)

Retail shop for ‘change of use’ 627 Mt. Wellington Rd , Auckland (block of retail units).

Café for ‘addition & alteration’ 105 Symond St, Auckland (six storey building).

New Chinese Temple 19 Ryan Place, Manukau (two storey building).

New Townhouses for East Park, East Tamaki Rd at Pakuranga (a series of six two-storey block residential dwellings).

Auckland City Church for ‘change of use’, Pakuranga (a single-storey portal frame building approximately 2,000m2 in area).

Employment Service Manukau for ‘addition & alteration’ at Manukau City (a two-storey commercial building).

Resham Singh Dairy Superette at Pakuranga (a single-storey retail shop approximately).

Karcher Company for addition & alteration’ at East Tamaki (a single-storey office and warehouse).

Howick Library for 224f at Howick for Manukau City Council (a three-storey building 550m2).

New Building for Hirepool Limited at Manukau (a single-storey commercial).

Doctors Clinic / Residential Unit for ‘change of use’ West Tamaki, Manukau (a three-storey unit).

Manurewa Community Centre for ‘change of use’ at Manurewa (a stand-alone building).

Takapuna Boating Club for ‘change of use’ at Takapuna (a three-storey timber building).

New Onehunga Townhouses at Onehunga (two rows of ten three-storey units).

Warehouse Building at 11 Onslow, Manukau.

13 storeys multi-units apartment building preliminary fire report at Catherine Street, Waitakere City $20 million.

John Henry Centre commercial retail & apartments development preliminary fire report at Catherine Street, Waitakere City estimated $50 million
Four storey building restaurant for ‘change of use’ at 27 Cross Road

Six storey building conversion from office to residential for ‘change of use’ at 89 ANZ Parade, Auckland Centre

Several hundred retail units in Westfield, Botany Down & Sylvia Park Shopping Centre.

112 Princess Street, Indian Temper.

58 Greyson Eve, Muslim Mosque.


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