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Parkcity by Design Engineers

Developer: Shundi Group
Architect: Paul Brown & Associates
Contractor: TBC
Location: St John, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

ParkCity Stage 1A builds on the design concept of the full Te Tauoma site which is developed upon several key drivers including;Create a series of residential towers in a parklike setting to provide for a quality urban environment.Deliver density through height to minimise building footprints and maximise open space within the development. Deliver significant housing supply for families to make the most of the site’s location, being in close proximity to public transport, town center, education and employment areas. Prioritise and extend the highly connected network of walking, cycling throughout the site together with convenient links to public transport. ParkCity Stage 1A extends for approximately 1.5-hectares, and it includes three residential buildings, fronting Morrin Road, and one parking/commercial building to the southwest of the masterplan perimeter. The development will host 216 apartments, 20 commercial/retails tenancies and a range of communal and recreational amenities within the site such as playgrounds, gardens, and a fitness trail. The project integrates the Te Aranga Design Principles, cultural narratives and values of Mana Whenua, into the design and design process in a respectful and sensitive way.

DESIGN ENGINEERS, contracted by Shundi Group, played a key role in delivering essential engineering technical support and crafting the PS1 Package for the aluminum-framed glazing facade, incorporating the joinery system for various buildings. Initiating the project, DESIGN ENGINEERS conducted a thorough preliminary assessment, closely collaborating with architects and design teams. This encompassed a detailed examination of joinery requirements, material specifications, and structural considerations. The aim was to align joinery concepts seamlessly with structural integrity and architectural intent.A critical aspect of the process involved DESIGN ENGINEERS' pivotal role in the careful selection of materials for joinery components. This included an in-depth analysis of material properties, performance under diverse conditions, and strict adherence to design standards. Collaborating closely with suppliers, the team ensured that the chosen materials met both aesthetic and performance criteria. Designing for structural robustness was a primary responsibility for DESIGN ENGINEERS. Advanced structural analysis techniques were employed to assess the impact of joinery on the overall facade system. This encompassed evaluating load-bearing capacities, wind resistance, and other structural considerations to guarantee seamless integration within the broader facade framework.

In collaboration with design teams, DESIGN ENGINEERS engaged in iterative design processes, aiming to optimize joinery elements. This involved fine-tuning designs to enhance structural efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and compliance with regulatory standards. The overarching goal was to achieve a harmonious balance between design aspirations and engineering practicality.In essence, DESIGN ENGINEERS' involvement in the Shundi Group project reflects a holistic approach, effectively marrying design aspirations with engineering precision. The end result is a facade system that seamlessly integrates joinery components, meeting both stringent structural requirements and aesthetic objectives. This collaborative effort underscores the successful execution of an integrated approach to deliver a high-performing and visually appealing facade for the project.



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