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Ormiston Hospital Stage 2 by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Vital Healthcare Property Trust (VHP)
Architect: Klein Architects
Contractor:  Savory Construction
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
Ormiston Hospital, in collaboration with Vital Healthcare Property Trust (VHP) and managed by Northwest Healthcare Properties Australia, is embarking on a significant expansion project. The extension involves a substantial 4,500 square meter addition to the existing building, creating a four-level structure designed to accommodate various healthcare facilities. This new extension is strategically designed to enhance the hospital's capabilities and services. It will feature a state-of-the-art endoscopy suite equipped with three operation rooms, providing advanced medical facilities to meet the growing healthcare needs of the community. Additionally, the extension will incorporate 15 extra beds, addressing the demand for increased patient capacity. The development also allocates 900 square meters of space for consulting rooms, facilitating a conducive environment for medical professionals to interact with patients. Furthermore, the project has taken into account the potential growth of the hospital in the future, ensuring that provisions are in place to accommodate evolving healthcare requirements.

Executing such an expansion in the vicinity of an operational hospital requires meticulous planning and execution. The contractor overseeing the project has prioritized minimizing disruption and noise to the ongoing medical activities and the well-being of patients. Despite the live operational environment, the construction progress has reached a significant milestone with 80% of the structural steel in place. Looking ahead, the contractor is optimistic about the timely completion of this extensive project, aiming to wrap up construction by mid-2024. The collaborative efforts between Ormiston Hospital, Vital Healthcare Property Trust, and the managing entity Northwest Healthcare Properties Australia underscore a commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and ensuring the provision of quality medical services to the community.

DESIGN ENGINEERS, in collaboration with ALTUS, have been actively involved in delivering a comprehensive glazed facade engineering PS1 package to bolster their joinery design endeavors. The scope of our engagement encompassed a thorough assessment of the aluminum framing, focusing on strength and deflection verification. This meticulous examination ensures that the framing meets the stringent criteria for structural integrity and performance.

Our engineering expertise further extended to conducting a detailed glaze span check, evaluating the facade's resilience against wind loading and potential human impact. This comprehensive assessment is pivotal in ensuring the durability and safety of the glazed facade under varying environmental conditions. Simultaneously, we delved into the intricate details of joinery interface waterproofing and sealant applications, offering insights to enhance the overall performance and longevity of the facade system. In our commitment to a holistic approach, we meticulously reviewed and provided engineering input for window and door perimeter fixings. This involved a nuanced examination of the fixings to ensure their efficacy and compliance with engineering standards. Additionally, our collaboration with ALTUS extended to the crucial task of selecting an appropriate joinery system that aligns with code and standards, meeting the specified strength and deflection criteria. The selected joinery system was not only chosen for its ability to resist out-of-plane wind loading but also to accommodate in-plane seismic racking, mitigating the risk of glass failure during seismic events. The compatibility of glass with the joinery frame was a critical consideration, requiring careful design to manage and minimize the potential risk of glass failure.

In essence, our collaboration with ALTUS reflects a commitment to precision engineering, ensuring that every facet of the glazed facade system is meticulously designed, verified, and aligned with industry standards. This approach aims to deliver not only aesthetically pleasing designs but also robust and resilient structures that meet the highest engineering standards.


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