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Orewa North West Primary by Design Engineers

Developer: Ministry of Education
Architect: Ignite
Contractor: Leighs Construction
Location: Orewa, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

Commencement of the construction phase for Orewa North West Primary School was initiated on Monday, 7 March. The new educational facility is designed to initially accommodate up to 420 students/ākonga and encompasses a comprehensive layout, featuring an administration/reception area, 18 teaching spaces distributed across a two-storey teaching block, a library, a multipurpose hall, sports fields, and a dedicated car park. The Ministry of Education has forecasted an initial roll of 158 students in the first year, with an anticipated growth to 298 students by 2024. Notably, Stage One of the construction entails the establishment of 18 teaching spaces, capable of accommodating the initial student body of 420, with future projections indicating a roll exceeding 600. The initial build phase incorporates the full spectrum of infrastructure, encompassing a multipurpose hall, library, and resource area.

In this intricate orchestration of architectural prowess, DESIGN ENGINEERS, entrusted by LANCOM COMMERCIAL, have assumed a pivotal role in delivering an exhaustive PS1 package service meticulously tailored for the curtain wall facade. This strategic endeavor is aimed at fortifying the structural and durability performance of LANCOM COMMERCIAL's joinery design, ensuring seamless alignment with rigorous standards through the adept utilization of the verification method code compliance pathway. Throughout the collaborative engagement, DESIGN ENGINEERS have executed a meticulous assessment via a comprehensive test report, providing unequivocal validation of the proposed joinery systems' strict adherence to stipulated code requirements, spanning facets of structural integrity, durability, and weathertightness.

Furthermore, DESIGN ENGINEERS have played an instrumental role in furnishing precise calculations to verify the structural adequacy of frame members, perimeter fixings, and brackets. This intricate process entails the judicious selection of products from diverse suppliers, ensuring not only compliance but also upholding the utmost standards of structural robustness. Through the implementation of these comprehensive measures, DESIGN ENGINEERS have seamlessly contributed to the successful integration of LANCOM COMMERCIAL's joinery design, aligning it meticulously with prevailing industry standards and regulatory compliance. This collaborative endeavor serves as a resounding testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence and precision demonstrated by all stakeholders involved in the realization of this unparalleled educational facility.


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