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Onehunga Mall Club by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: LCO Municipal Limited
Architect: Ashton Mitchell Architects
Contractor: Kalmar Construction
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
Drawing inspiration from the site's former use, the Onehunga Mall Club Apartments meticulously pay homage to the area's history through its name, branding, and design. This intentional connection to the past is not merely superficial but extends to the very core of the project. Known as OMC, the development emerges as a structure that not only respects the existing context and historical heritage character of the fringe-city suburb but also sets a precedent for future developments outlined in the Auckland Unitary Plan. Spanning eight levels, the project encompasses 102 one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, strategically positioned on the site of the former Onehunga Workingmen’s Club, maintaining dual street frontage.

In a collaborative effort between project architects and developers Lamont & Co, the OMC aims to be a 'good neighbour.' This objective was achieved through a meticulous research process focused on the surrounding area, leading to thoughtful material selections, fenestration choices, scale considerations, rhythmic design, and generous set-backs. At the street level, the project unfolds as a two-storeyed brick building, aligning seamlessly with the shop frontages on the Mall and paying homage to the rich heritage character of the locality.

Deliberate planning is evident in the residential tower's placement, generously set back from the road and neighboring structures. This intentional distance ensures visual separation between the residential and retail street frontage, contributing to a harmonious urban environment. Notably, these set-backs serve a dual purpose by creating expansive outdoor terraces for second-level apartments. The tower itself undergoes visual articulation to break down its overall scale, offering effective design solutions that address apartment outlook and sunlight requirements. In essence, the Onehunga Mall Club Apartments stand as a testament to thoughtful urban planning, seamlessly blending historical reverence with forward-thinking design principles.

DESIGN ENGINEERS played a pivotal role in the intricate realm of glazed facade engineering design and review for the Onehunga Mall Club project. The scope of our involvement extended to encompassing not only windows and doors but also the comprehensive engineering design of the exterior louvre. This undertaking required a meticulous approach, utilizing verification methods to showcase compliance with the stringent standards laid out in the New Zealand Building Code, particularly B1 and B2 for structural performance and F2, F4 for safety.

In our pursuit of ensuring structural integrity, DESIGN ENGINEERS undertook a thorough verification of the Altus joinery system chosen for the Onehunga Mall Club project. This involved a dual-pronged approach, employing both calculation methods and sophisticated software analysis to validate the joinery system's ability to meet the specified requirements. A detailed test report study was conducted, leveraging existing test reports to demonstrate the appropriateness of the selected joinery suite in accordance with wind loadings and seismic considerations.

Acknowledging the seismic context of the region, special attention was dedicated to seismic accommodation design. DESIGN ENGINEERS worked diligently to fortify the joinery and glazing systems, implementing measures to prevent glass breakage and disengagement from the building during seismic events. This seismic resilience not only adheres to safety protocols but also adds an extra layer of protection to occupants and the structural elements of the Onehunga Mall Club project. The involvement of DESIGN ENGINEERS in the glazed facade engineering design and review for the Onehunga Mall Club project is emblematic of a meticulous commitment to both compliance with building codes and the safety of the structure in the face of potential environmental challenges.


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