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                                                             LINCOLN AGRESEARCH 

Lincoln AgResearch by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: AgResearch
Architect: Architectus
Location: Lincoln
Service Type: Facade Engineering

AgResearch, as a Government-owned Crown Research Institute (CRI), operates with the primary mission of delivering cutting-edge agricultural science and innovation for the broader Aotearoa economy. The institute's recent project involves the establishment of a new headquarters and research center, a consolidation of a research/laboratory building and a workplace building on a newly designated site within the agricultural science precinct in Lincoln. Strategically positioned within the takiwā of Te Taumutu Rūnanga and neighboring Lincoln University, the project aims to underscore AgResearch's prowess in scientific endeavors while fostering agricultural innovation. This is achieved by actively promoting and facilitating collaboration with industry partners and research providers, both within the local Lincoln district and the broader Canterbury region.

The facility is intelligently arranged, with the primary functional components of workplace and laboratory situated in two adjacent building wings. These wings are seamlessly connected through circulation links spanning a central courtyard, a design approach that not only introduces natural light and ventilation into the core of the headquarters but also enhances visibility and connectivity between different functions. This intentional layout not only fosters a visual and functional relationship between the two building wings but also allows for their independent treatment, enabling them to respond effectively to their unique specialist requirements. This design strategy embodies an efficient and purposeful approach to the integration of workplace and laboratory functions within the AgResearch facility.

DESIGN ENGINEERS took on the responsibility of delivering a comprehensive PS1 package for both the glazed facade and louvre systems to support their respective designs. Our involvement began with an exhaustive analysis to facilitate the selection of an optimal facade system. Our team contributed substantial engineering input to meticulously verify the strength and resilience of the aluminum frame, perimeter fixings, and brackets in relation to the building's primary structures.

A critical aspect of our engineering intervention was the consideration of glazing seismic accommodation design. This involved a thorough examination of building interstorey drift to ensure that the glazing would withstand seismic forces without compromising structural integrity. This meticulous approach is paramount in safeguarding building occupants and facilitating a secure escape route during seismic events. In addition to addressing seismic concerns, our team conducted a detailed wind loading assessment. This assessment went beyond the conventional requirements for resisting out-of-plane wind loading, incorporating considerations for accommodating seismic movement. Ensuring the safety and stability of louvres attached to the building was also a focal point in our engineering evaluation. Further contributing to the holistic approach, DESIGN ENGINEERS undertook a comprehensive review of shop drawings. This involved scrutinizing the details presented in the drawings to confirm their structural feasibility and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment extended beyond theoretical analysis to practical implementation, ensuring that the designs encapsulated in the shop drawings were not only structurally sound but also aligned with cost-efficient practices.

Through these multifaceted engineering efforts, DESIGN ENGINEERS demonstrated a commitment to delivering a robust PS1 package for both the glazed facade and louvre systems, emphasizing structural integrity, safety considerations, and practical implementation throughout the entirety of the design and engineering process.

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