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Lexus Showroom by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Miles Premises Ltd
Architect: Warren and Mahoney Architects 
Contractor: Armitage Williams    
Location: Christchurch
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The forthcoming Lexus showroom, an architectural marvel envisioned by Warren and Mahoney, is poised to become a prominent landmark in the vicinity. Spread across two levels, the showroom encompasses an expansive 572 square meters, accommodating not only the showcase of Lexus vehicles but also dedicated spaces for customer lounges, offices, and convenient parking facilities. In alignment with Lexus's commitment to sustainability, the new Christchurch dealership stands as a testament to the brand's environmental consciousness. The design and construction of the facility incorporate cutting-edge practices to address carbon emissions, waste minimization, and energy efficiency. This comprehensive approach underscores the brand's dedication to minimizing its ecological impact.

A pivotal aspect of the design involves leveraging thermal modeling techniques to optimize various elements such as glazing, shading, thermal mass, daylight levels, and passive ventilation. The meticulous consideration of these factors aims to create an environment within the showroom that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensures ideal conditions with minimal energy consumption.

Furthermore, the eco-friendly ethos extends to the choice of materials, with the concrete mix incorporating Golden Bay Cement’s Eversure, a locally manufactured cement. This deliberate selection contributes to the showroom achieving an impressive embodied carbon rating of EC24. This rating signifies a remarkable 24% reduction in carbon footprint compared to industry standards, reflecting Lexus's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction practices.

DESIGN ENGINEERS employed by Hagley Commercial are tasked with delivering a comprehensive glazed curtain wall facade engineering PS1 package. The chosen primary facade system encompasses the APL Commercial system and APL 150mm seismic flush glaze. Our responsibility lies in furnishing engineering justification for the structural adequacy of the joinery. This involves meticulous consideration of New Zealand standards AS/NZS1170 and NZS4223, focusing on factors such as strength, deflection, and protection against human impact.

Our expertise extends to the provision of bracket engineering design, specifically tailored to integrate seamlessly with the building's primary structure. This entails a meticulous approach to ensure the brackets meet stringent engineering requirements.

The glazing facade, a critical component of the overall design, is intricately crafted to not only meet aesthetic standards but also to accommodate seismic movements effectively. Our paramount concern is to design a facade that minimizes the risk of glazing breakage during seismic events, prioritizing the safety and longevity of the structure. Our thorough analysis encompasses a range of factors to ensure the final design aligns with industry best practices and regulatory standards.


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