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Kahu Apartments by Design Engineers

Developer: Templeton Long Bay Ltd
Architect: Plus Architecture
Contractor: MC Core Group
Location: Long Bay, Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering

The proposed development site is situated at 19 Windlass Street, Long Bay, Auckland, 0630, comprising two structures designated for residential use. Building A stands at a height of 4 storeys, while Building B reaches 5 storeys, inclusive of a basement car park. Long Bay, positioned among the northern suburbs of Auckland, is gaining popularity for its picturesque coastline and proximity to the city center. The Kahu Development, named after its location, aims to introduce a distinctive modern building that complements the rural surroundings, featuring a facade adorned with greenery.

The Kahu Development is categorized as a 2 Lot residential project, varying in height from three to five stories, and is situated in the emerging development zone of Long Bay, Auckland. DESIGN ENGINEERS have been contracted to conduct a PS1 design review for the enclosure of the proposed building. This PS1 report is specifically tailored for BC1, addressing below-grade waterproofing. The plan involves implementing a partial Tanked system for Building A on Windlass Street and a fully tanked system for Building B using a Nuralite product. The basement structure predominantly includes proposed Precast walls, concrete slabs, and the application of a waterproofing membrane.

It's noteworthy that the maximum height of the building exceeds the prescribed limit of 10m and falls outside the scope of E2/AS1. Consequently, an authorized signatory is required to engineer and endorse the enclosure systems. The building is assigned an importance level of 2, and a design life of 50 years has been designated for the overall structural integrity.


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