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Hornby Community Centre

Developer: Christchurch City Council
Architect: Warren and Mahoney
Contractor: Naylor Love Construction
Location: Hornby, Christchurch
Service Type: Facade Engineering

The facility of Hornby Community Centre is designed to provide a range of aquatic services, and combines an 8-lane lap pool, spa, Learn to Swim, wet deck and toddlers play area with a customer service centre and library, including Craft / Maker and multi-use meeting and study spaces. The design, which brings together multiple functions under one roof, will promote more people to get active and get learning as well as providing a much needed social hub for the region. The central foyer provides views into the Maker spaces, traditional library collections and swimming pools, placing learning, making and recreation on display, and creating spaces for informal learning and social interaction. An enclosed North West facing courtyard, activated with an Espresso Bar and stage, provides a sheltered community space for local artists, performance and outdoor learning and to encourage engagement and connection with the wider Kyle park.

The new Hornby Centre will be an important asset for the community and will help plug a gap in network of community and recreation facilities across the city. Community facilities have grown in importance over recent years and have morphed into multi-use buildings. The Hornby project will consist of a library, customer services and swimming pool facilities, all under one roof. Differing activities will facilitate interaction between each of them, resulting in a stronger community hub. A simple plan and a simple series of forms have ensured a cost-effective solution, enhanced with sustainable features such as the use of LVL timber and natural light. The ability to expand the facility at a later date will ensure its on-going importance as a community hub. 

In the context of this project, the contribution of DESIGN ENGINEERS transcends the conventional realm of providing engineering design for specific components such as aluminum joinery, glass, and the PS1 package. Engaging in a collaborative partnership with Hagley Commercial, these skilled professionals play a pivotal role in the intricate process of selecting the most optimal glazed facade system, along with the brackets and fixings essential for integrating seamlessly with the building's primary structure. This collaborative effort represents a fusion of technical expertise and practical insight, aiming not only to meet functional requirements but also to align with aesthetic and structural considerations.

Within this collaborative framework, DESIGN ENGINEERS become instrumental in offering more than just technical solutions. Our involvement serves as a reservoir of sound engineering judgment and valuable advice, providing a robust foundation for decision-making throughout the project's lifecycle. Beyond the technical intricacies, DESIGN ENGINEERS contribute significantly to the financial aspects of the project. By offering cost-effective solutions, they strive to maximize the overall value of the project while concurrently minimizing construction costs. This dual focus on efficiency and economy underscores their commitment to delivering a project that not only meets high-quality standards but does so within the confines of budgetary constraints.

The synergy between DESIGN ENGINEERS and Hagley Commercial is a key element in ensuring the successful realization of the project. This close collaboration facilitates the seamless integration of technical specifications, design considerations, and budgetary limitations. The result is a harmonious blend of engineering excellence and fiscal responsibility, culminating in the timely delivery of a high-quality project that aligns with the client's vision and adheres to the established financial parameters. Through our collaborative efforts, DESIGN ENGINEERS and Hagley Commercial exemplify a shared commitment to achieving excellence in both engineering and project management, setting a standard for successful collaboration in complex construction endeavors.


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