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Buddhi De Silva

M.Arch, Chartered member of RIBA(Royal Institute of British Architects), Graduate member of SLIA(Sri Lanka Institute of Architects)

"Elevating Skylines, Shaping Perspectives, and Reinventing Architectural Brilliance: Your Trusted Local Expert in Innovative Facade Engineering Solutions, Where Precision Meets Perfection and Design Meets Durability, Building the Future, One Facade at a Time."

Introducing Buddhi, a consummate professional and a visionary in the field of architecture, who joined the esteemed ranks of Design Engineers in February 2024 as an Assistant Facade Consultant. With an impressive academic background, Buddhi completed her Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2016, followed by her Master of Architecture degree in Sri Lanka, demonstrating a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence from the outset of her career. Embarking on her professional journey in 2015, Buddhi's passion for architectural innovation and commitment to design excellence led her to collaborate with several distinguished architectural design firms across Sri Lanka and Singapore over the course of eight enriching years, honing her skills and refining her craft. In a bold move to broaden her horizons and embrace new challenges, Buddhi made the pivotal decision to relocate to New Zealand at the end of 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career trajectory. Embracing her role as a facade consultant with Design Engineers, Buddhi seamlessly integrated her vast expertise and creative vision into our esteemed team, contributing to the realization of our ambitious projects with finesse and ingenuity. Notably, Buddhi's dedication to professional development and her unwavering commitment to excellence are exemplified by her membership as a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and as a graduate member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, underscoring her steadfast dedication to advancing the field of architecture and engineering. With her unparalleled skillset, boundless creativity, and unwavering dedication, Buddhi is an invaluable asset to our team, propelling Design Engineers to new heights of architectural innovation and excellence.


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