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Ashburton Workshop & Showroom by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Cochranes
Architect: COHESIVE Design
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
The proposed Ashburton workshop and showroom comprise a two-storey structure located at 2 Racecourse Road, Ashburton. This building is intended for both workshop and showroom purposes. The ground floor office space spans 715.70m2, while the ground floor warehouse covers an area of 1359.73m2. The total floor area of the building is 2075.43m2. Notably, the building has been meticulously designed to meet the requirements of an important level 2 earthquake zone and is situated in exposure zone B.

To ensure the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the building, DESIGN ENGINEERS have been engaged in the project. Their responsibilities include designing a glass curtain wall facade and aluminum framing, as well as mullion brackets for the building's primary structure. The design process also involves a focus on safety, considering the seismic considerations in the region.

In particular, the Altus flush glaze system has been selected for the office area facade of the building. This choice aligns with the commitment to meeting structural, durability, weathertightness, safety, and energy efficiency requirements. The curtain wall design incorporates a comprehensive approach, considering not only the structural aspects but also factors such as weather resistance and energy conservation. Moreover, DESIGN ENGINEERS are actively involved in ensuring compliance with New Zealand glass standards and performance requirements. A thorough glass structural performance check is being conducted, utilizing the verification method outlined in the standards. The proposed Ashburton workshop and showroom building exemplifies a comprehensive approach to design and engineering, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also structural resilience and adherence to safety and performance standards in the New Zealand context.


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