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9 Patey Street Apartments by DESIGN ENGINEERS

Developer: Private Developer
Architect: Artitect Design
Contractor: TBC  
Location: Auckland
Service Type: Facade Engineering
9 Patey Street Apartment project is a sophisticated five-storey apartment building situated at 9 Patey Street, Newmarket, Auckland. Spanning a site area of 691m2, the building boasts a well-planned design with a footprint of 331m2. The project includes a convenient car park basement measuring 535m2, providing ample parking space for residents. Comprising a total of five units on each floor, the Patey Street Apartment offers a blend of functionality and modern living. Each unit encompasses approximately 62.1m2, ensuring a comfortable living space for its occupants. The distribution of space within the building is well-balanced, with Level 2 covering an area of 364.7m2, and Levels 3 to 5 each occupying 355.3m2.

One of the notable features of this architectural marvel is the diverse range of facades employed in its construction. The exterior showcases a harmonious combination of materials, including metal roof cladding, metal wall cladding, brick veneer cladding, aluminium joinery, and glazing, as well as cement-bonded cladding. This multifaceted approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building but also reflects a commitment to quality and durability.

Furthermore, the Patey Street Apartment stands as a testament to meticulous planning and construction, being designated as an important Level 2 building with a projected design life of 50 years. This commitment to longevity and structural integrity ensures that the Patey Street Apartment will continue to provide a secure and comfortable living environment for its residents for years to come.

For the Patey Street Apartment project, DESIGN ENGINEERS played a pivotal role by providing comprehensive facade engineering services. Our engagement encompassed a thorough assessment of various facade components to ensure the structural integrity, durability, weathertightness, and safety of occupants were prioritized throughout the design process. Our scope of facade engineering assessment included a meticulous evaluation of wall cladding with wall underlay, roof cladding with roof underlay, aluminum joinery system, louvre screen system, glazing, car park basement tanking system, and architectural drawing review markups. This holistic approach allowed us to address and optimize every facet of the building's facade, ensuring compliance with New Zealand codes and standards.

Working in close collaboration with the architect, our team focused on resolving facade-related challenges. This collaborative effort aimed not only to meet regulatory requirements but also to exceed them by incorporating the best practices in structural design, durability, and safety. Our goal was to enhance the overall quality of the building facade and, consequently, the living experience for its occupants.

Through careful consideration and optimization of the building facade design, DESIGN ENGINEERS sought to maximize the benefits for the building occupants. By prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics, our facade engineering services contributed to the creation of a visually appealing, structurally sound, and resilient architectural masterpiece at 9 Patey Street, Newmarket, Auckland. The meticulous evaluation of wall cladding and roof cladding with their respective underlays ensured that the building's exterior would withstand the challenges of weather while maintaining structural integrity.

Our assessment of the aluminum joinery system and louvre screen system emphasized not only their aesthetic contribution but also their role in enhancing the building's functionality and energy efficiency. The glazing assessment aimed to strike a balance between natural light admission and energy efficiency, contributing to a comfortable and sustainable living environment for the occupants.

The thorough examination of the car park basement tanking system was crucial in preventing potential water ingress issues, further securing the longevity and reliability of the entire structure. Architectural drawing review markups were conducted with precision to guarantee that the executed design aligned seamlessly with the envisioned plans, ensuring a coherent and well-executed facade. DESIGN ENGINEERS' multifaceted approach to facade engineering for the Patey Street Apartment project reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of the building's occupants.


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